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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

why does my icloud would not turned on or off , can;t even turned on the mail

why would my icloud  says icloud backups is off how do i turned this back on thanks

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my phone version is 7.0.4for iphone4g from 2months my phone is nit connecting to computer shoing error so plz gaid me to over come this problem

sir my iphone4 is not connecting to computer from 2months showing error while i am connecting to system

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Why can't I buy Boardwalk Empire Season 4 in Australia?

Hi all,


I'm trying to buy Boardwalk Empire Season 4 as well as American Dad Season 10 and Family Guy Season 12 but none are listed in the Australian iTunes store.


Basically I want to give someone money for these shows but I can only find the older seasons of these shows.


Does anyone know what's going on?



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I've forgotten the answers secret account

I've forgotten the answers secret account

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Home sharing problems

I'm trying to turn on home sharing to share music with a new computer...get error code -3150 -- wont let me trun on home sharing on my old computer

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Can't find most of my music!

iTunes match uploaded none of the music from my Mac Pro, which is where most of my albums are stored.  I am not even close to the limit, the computer is authorized, match is turned on, etc.  What possibly could cause this?  I did just download Mavericks--could that be it?

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Feeds Wont Download In iTunes OR App

I am having a problem with my podcast feeds and am hoping somebody can help.  I have several audio and video podcasts in the iTunes store and am considered an “artist” if that matters.  I just created two need feeds (an audio and video one for a new show Opposite Worlds) that were approved in January.  Two weeks ago I created/uploaded the first audio and video podcasts without an issue. However my last two shows (this week) will not download in itunes or in the podcast app.  I use my own server to host the podcasts and xml file and have never had a problem before.


For the sake of trouble shooting I will just give one of the feeds I am referring to which is located at: http://www.yourrealityrecaps.com/podcast/feeds/YRR_OWorldsAUDIO.xml


If you subscribe to it in the iTunes store:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/your-reality-recaps-syfy-opposite/id80409456 2?mt=2  you will see it downloads only the first episode, and despite showing the second and third show it gives an “!” if you try to download them. 


*Note:  I have been changing the xml file when you go to the itunes store it may not show all three shows now.  But if you subscribe you will see them in iTunes.


Aside from having separate audio and video feeds for my individual shows,  I also have a main audio and main video feed which has all the shows in them.  Whats odd to me, is that these new shows don’t play/download in that feed either (but they do show up).  The link to that xml is:  http://www.yourrealityrecaps.com/podcast/feeds/YourRealityRecap.xml and the itunes store link is: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/your-reality-recaps-all-shows/id668406592?mt =2


I am completely confused as to what could be happening here.  The XML file is correct as far as I can tell.  If it wasn’t why wouldn’t there be an issue with the first episode playing? The actual .mp3 file plays fine too so I don’t think its related to that.  Any help would be truly appreciated!

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